What is Little Legends RPG?

Welcome to Mynia, an ancient world overrun by untamed wilderness. This once great land lives in the shadow of a fallen civilization poisoned by Miasma, a mysterious substance that twists nature into dire monsters, strange phenomena, and perilous terrain.

In this reborn world, six new races have emerged from the remnants. Together they strive to restore and rebuild Mynia. By rediscovering ancient knowledge they are learning to transmute Miasma, forging it into mighty weapons, potent spells, and energies to fuel their settlements.

You and your friends join forces as the heroes of this new age. Together you’ll craft an adventure worthy of legend. Go forth and explore the uncharted reaches of Mynia, rediscover lost secrets, and battle the Miasma that corrupts the world.

Little Legends is a tabletop roleplaying game designed for players new to tabletop roleplaying. It uses a rules-lite system focused on high fantasy heroics and tough choices. Gameplay consists of short campaigns. At the end of a campaign, your hero retires as a legend and their legacy unlocks a new facet of the world. These legacies shape Mynia’s future and add new possibilities for all future games.


What makes Little Legends RPG unique?

Little legends was designed with the players in mind. The tools and mechanics were carefully crafted with a large focus to streamline both gameplay and preparation. This allows you to customize or create a fun and exciting adventure only in a few minutes.

Tired of playing RPGs that only have humans, elves, and dwarves? So are we. In Little Legends you’ll play a hero from one of Mynia’s six unique races. Each race has there own history and rich culture.

You are no longer limited by the stereotypical fighter, mage, thief, etc. In Little Legends there are hundreds of talents and signature moves to mix and match allowing you to create the hero you want from the very start.  The only limitation is your imagination.

Little Legends does not restrict the adventuring party to be a group of same level heroes. That’s right! In Little Legends there are only five levels and you can heroes from any level in the same adventuring party. This allows your friend’s level one hero to join (and meaningfully contribute) to your game that includes level five heroes.

A versatile event system was designed to create interesting and entertaining scenarios outside of combat to keep the action alive. This allows you to create a chase though a bustling bazaar, steering a ship through a storm, high stakes diplomacy, escaping a collapsing ruin, or any number of exciting events. Events have a built in mechanism to increase the drama, tension, and excitement as they advance.

Instead of playing as one group of heroes for upwards of years, Little legends focuses on multiple short campaigns each with a different cast of heroes. When a campaign ends, your hero retires and becomes a legend unlocking a legacy. These legacies shape Mynia’s future and add new possibilities for your all future games.
The world starts in a primal state that is largely uncharted. However as you play and complete campaigns the world builds around you. You create new settlements, control the fate it’s denizens, unlock new talents and signature moves, introduce new monsters and threats, and ultimately decide how the world advances. No two worlds are built the same.

Where can I buy?

Little Legends RPG is still in development.

We’re shooting for a full quick-start guide open to the public by late 2017. This packet will include rules, heroes, an adventure and a bunch of printable aids.

If you can’t wait, contact playtest(at)littlelegendsrpg.com for current playtesting material.