The races of Mynia

Over the next few months we will be exploring each of the six races of Mynia.

What is Little Legends RPG?

Welcome to Mynia, a world conquered by untamed wilderness. Beneath the verdant forests and murky swamps, scattered across sprawling fields and mountain spires, are the remnants of an civilization long forgotten. In their wake, six new races have emerged and begun to unearth their wisdom and wondrous artifacts to build new bastions.

But bubbling from the belly of the planet spews the Miasma, a magical ichor that twists the natural world into its most dire form. While it can be used to forge mighty weapons and cast potent spells, the Miasma also creates monstrosities and corruptions. In order to survive, the races have formed an alliance–some willingly, others only out of necessity.

You and your friends play as the heroes of this new age. Together, you’ll set out on an adventure worthy of legend. Go forth and explore the uncharted reaches of Mynia, rediscover lost secrets, and battle the Miasma in its deadliest forms.

Little Legends is a tabletop roleplaying game designed for players new to tabletop roleplaying. It uses an easy-to-learn system focused on high fantasy heroics and tough choices. Gameplay consists of a series of short adventures that make up a campaign. At the end of each campaign, your hero will retire and leave a legacy that unlocks a new facet of the world. It is these legacies that shape Mynia’s future, and add new possibilities to your next game.